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Frequently Asked Questions

Before You Book

What is the cruise itinerary?

What is the program schedule?

How much does the cruise cost and what does it include?

What is the cost for 3rd and 4th guests?

What is the cancellation policy?

Is there a payment plan?

Is a passport required?

At what age can my baby come on the cruise? Is the cost different for children?

Can I use Royal Caribbean credit or Crown and Anchor® rewards?

Book and Manage Your Reservation

How do I make my reservation or book multiple cabins?

When will I receive my cruise information?

Pre-Cruise Details

When should I arrive at the cruise port? When will the cruise return?

Where is the Port of Los Angeles?

Are there shuttle options from the airport to the cruise port?

When is the best time to book a shore excursion?

When is the best time to buy Internet, drink or specialty dining packages?

Once Onboard

Will I receive a schedule of events?

What time do I eat dinner?

What about special dietary requirements?

What is the dress code?

Are there theme nights?


Do you have more questions?